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Exploring Homes for Sale in Eleuthera Bahamas

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Discover paradise with luxurious homes for sale in Eleuthera Bahamas. Complete the form below to explore a range of oceanfront properties, from cozy cottages to sprawling estates, all in the heart of the Caribbean’s tranquil beauty. Call or WhatsApp 1-(242)-395-8495 to make Eleuthera your next dream home destination.

Escape to Eleuthera: Discover Why it's the Perfect Destination for Your Dream Home

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Beachfront Homes for sale in Eleuthera Bahamas

Eleuthera, in the Bahamas, is renowned as a paradise on Earth and has become an attractive destination for those seeking the perfect retreat or investment property. Whether you're in search of a second home or a lucrative real estate opportunity, the luxury homes for sale in Eleuthera, Bahamas, guided by the expertise of Glenn Ferguson, Bahamas Real Estate Agent, and Residency Consultant, might just unveil the hidden gem you've been dreaming of.


A Glimpse of Eleuthera: A Slice of Paradise to Call Home

Is Eleuthera the right place to live? This question often arises among those envisioning a life enveloped in endless sunshine, pristine turquoise waters, and immaculate sandy shores. With Glenn as your knowledgeable guide, the answer is an emphatic yes.

Located just fifty miles east of Nassau, Eleuthera offers easy accessibility with direct flights from most major US and Canadian cities, while preserving its tranquil seclusion.

Combining the simplicity of island living with a touch of luxury, Eleuthera presents an ideal haven for those looking to harmonize with nature while enjoying contemporary comforts.


A Star-Studded Haven

What sets Eleuthera apart, beyond its natural splendor, is the allure it holds for notable figures who have chosen to call this island home. Eleuthera counts renowned personalities, including Bill Gates, co-founder of the software giant Microsoft, and musician Lenny Kravitz, among its residents. With Glenn's insights, you can explore homes that resonate with the preferences of these high-profile individuals, further enhancing the appeal of the homes for sale in Eleuthera, Bahamas.


Choosing Your Slice of Eleuthera

When considering buying property in Eleuthera, selecting the right part of the island is paramount. With Glenn's guidance, you'll make an informed choice. Eleuthera offers breathtaking vistas from every angle, making any decision a win-win situation. However, distinct regions offer varying lifestyles. For those seeking a vibrant, bustling ambiance, explore homes along the harbor or within the bustling island capital, Governor's Harbor. Conversely, if serenity and seclusion beckon, contemplate a residence on the tranquil and secluded South Eleuthera. No matter which side you choose you are sure to find plenty of beaches as Eleuthera is home to more than 311 white and pink powdery sand beaches.

Diving into The Bahamas' Real Estate Market:

What's the Average Price?

Thinking about the possibility of investing in one of the homes for sale in Eleuthera, Bahamas naturally leads to the question: What is the average price of a house in The Bahamas? With Glenn's familiarity with the Bahamas real estate market, you gain valuable insights. The Bahamas' real estate landscape is diverse, offering properties ranging from charming beachfront cottages to opulent villas. The median home price in the Bahamas hovers around $676,500.

However, this figure varies significantly based on factors such as property size, location, and amenities.


Discover Your Dream Home in Eleuthera, Bahamas

Starting your search to uncover your dream home in Eleuthera requires meticulous research, dedicated time, and the willingness to immerse yourself in this distinctive real estate market. With Glenn as your seasoned guide, the reward of finding your perfect island abode amid the vibrant Bahamian culture and awe-inspiring natural beauty is an endeavor well worth the commitment.

Glenn is adept at helping you navigate this dynamic market to discover a property that harmonizes with both your financial considerations and lifestyle aspirations.

Start your journey today by completing the form below and plunge into luxury living amid the pristine Bahamian waters by exploring the homes for sale in Eleuthera, Bahamas, with Glenn Ferguson, Bahamas Real Estate Agent, and Residency Consultant. Unearth an unparalleled living experience in a tropical haven that impeccably encapsulates the allure of island living. Allow the unspoiled beauty of Eleuthera to captivate you and redefine your lifestyle beyond imagination.

Discover the splendor of the Bahamas today—your island sanctuary awaits, expertly guided by Glenn Ferguson, your Bahamas Real Estate Agent, and Residency Consultant.

Is Eleuthera a Good Place to Live?

Island Living at its Finest: Discover the Allure of Calling Eleuthera Home


Harbour Island Eleuthera Bahamas

Absolutely! Eleuthera is an extremely good place to live and settle down for many reasons. Let's discuss more about the beauty and charm of Eleuthera in this comprehensive article.

A Tropical Paradise - Eleuthera

Eleuthera, one of the Out Islands of The Bahamas, is an untouched paradise that personifies the laid-back Caribbean lifestyle. Its name is derived from the Greek word 'eleutheros' meaning 'free', and indeed the place exudes a sense of freedom. Nothing here is hurried or stressed, the pace is easy and relaxed, perfectly emphasizing its slogan, "It's Better in The Bahamas".

Breathtaking Natural Beauty

Eleuthera abounds with natural wonders. From the shimmering pink and white sand beaches stretching out to the sapphire blue waters, this island is breathtakingly beautiful. The heavenly beaches are complemented by calm turquoise waters on the Caribbean side and lively Atlantic waves on the other side. Combine this with the awe-inspiring Glass Window Bridge and the surreal sapphire-blue waters of the Blue Holes, and you have nature's masterpiece at its finest.

Live Among the Warmest Community

The Eleutheran community is known for its friendly and warm people. They have a welcoming spirit that infuses the island with sunshine even on its cloudiest days. Life here is steeped in community-based tradition where neighbours look out for each other and guests are treated with boundless hospitality.

A Wealth of Experiences

Living in Eleuthera means being surrounded by unique experiences. There's a wealth of adventure activities right on your doorstep. From snorkeling and scuba diving among the vibrant coral reefs to fishing in the rich seas, outdoor enthusiasts will be in their element. And let's not forget about the delicious array of Bahamian cuisine, with its numerous flavours and unique dishes, it is a treat for food lovers.

Sustainability, Health, and Quality of Life

One of the significant reasons why Eleuthera is a great place to live is its strong emphasis on sustainable living. Organic farming, eco-tourism, and renewable energy projects are all actively encouraged here. Given the clean air, beautiful surroundings, and stress-free lifestyle, the island promotes health and long life for its residents.

Eleuthera is more than just a tropical island with beautiful beaches. It's a community-centric location that promotes a healthy, sustainable lifestyle amidst some of the most spectacular natural scenery on earth. If you're looking for a relaxed pace of life, a warm community, and a wealth of outdoor adventures, Eleuthera might just be the place for you to call home.

Embrace the freedom, enjoy the tropical climate, and live the dream life in Eleuthera - the jewel of The Bahamas.

What Side of Eleuthera is Best?

Unraveling the Best Side of Eleuthera for Unforgettable Experiences

eleuthera homes for sale


Eleuthera Bahamas

Choosing the best side of Eleuthera primarily depends on your personal preferences. Both the Atlantic side and the Caribbean side of the island have something unique to offer.

Atlantic Side: A Sanctuary for Adventure Seekers

The Atlantic side of Eleuthera is perfect for those who seek thrill and adventure. Home to the island's famous Surfer's Beach, it is a paradise for surfers due to its considerable surf break produced by the Atlantic Ocean's powerful waves.

Additionally, the Atlantic side boasts rugged cliffs and large rock formations, making it an ideal spot for nature trips and hiking. The views from these terrains, especially around the Glass Window Bridge are absolutely stunning, providing a panorama where the deep blue Atlantic meets the calm turquoise Caribbean sea.

Caribbean Side: The Haven of Tranquility

On the contrary, the Caribbean side of Eleuthera offers peaceful, turquoise waters with stunning coral reefs beneath the surface. An ideal spot for snorkeling, swimming, and sailing, this side is coveted for its serene and placid environment.

The Caribbean side also houses some of the most beautiful beaches, such as the French Leave Beach and Ten Bay Beach, characterized by their clear, shallow waters, and serene atmosphere - perfect for rest and relaxation.

The "best" side of Eleuthera truly depends on what you're seeking. If you're inclined towards adventures and thrilling activities, the Atlantic side could be your paradise. However, if tranquility and relaxation top your list, the Caribbean side of Eleuthera could be your ideal haven.

Ultimately, Eleuthera, with its diverse landscape and charm, promises a unique island experience that caters to all tastes and preferences, making it a perfect place to settle down or visit.

What Famous People Live in Eleuthera?

A-Listers Who Choose Eleuthera as Their Tropical Paradise

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Eleuthera has an undeniable allure that has not just attracted tourists but also caught the attention of celebrities from around the world. Here are some of the famous personalities who have fallen under the spell of Eleuthera's beauty and charm.

The Iconic Lenny Kravitz

Musician Lenny Kravitz, known for hits like "American Woman" and "Fly Away," has deep Bahamian roots through his mother. He owns a sprawling estate on Eleuthera, where he spends a considerable amount of his time. In fact, Kravitz loves the island so much that he was named an honorary ambassador by the Bahamian government and was instrumental in promoting tourism through the 'Fly Away' campaign.

Hollywood's Mariah Carey

Singer and actress Mariah Carey also owns property on the pink-sand paradise. Eleuthera's warm turquoise waters and serene beaches serve as the perfect escape for Carey, providing privacy and relaxation away from her demanding professional life.

Actress Elle Macpherson

Supermodel and actress Elle Macpherson, popularly known as "The Body", owns an island home in Eleuthera. Immersed in the natural beauty of the region, Macpherson's residence offers a great mix of luxury and tropical charm.

Fashion Designer Donna Karan

Donna Karan, known for her 'DK' fashion brand, chose Eleuthera as her getaway spot. She envisioned the island as a unique design concept, reflecting the feel of simplicity and comfort, similarly channeled through her fashion lines.

These celebrities appreciate the serene, unspoiled beauty of Eleuthera and the privacy it offers. With its natural charm and idyllic lifestyle, Eleuthera continues to draw several influential personalities seeking a personal sanctuary. However, despite its popularity with the famous, Eleuthera maintains its humility, welcoming everyone to its shores as part of its warm and inclusive community.

Whether you are a celebrity or not, Eleuthera assures you a high-quality life amidst nature's bounty, making it one of the most coveted destinations to live. So, consider joining the line-up of famous expats and residents opting for the laid-back lifestyle on the 'Freedom Island' of Eleuthera.

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