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beachfront homes for sale Long Island Bahamas

Are you looking for a picturesque location to call home? One that is peaceful and stunning, with warm sand between your toes, and crystal clear waters that hug the shore? Long Island Bahamas is that place.

And Glenn Ferguson, a respected Long Island real estate agent and residency consultant, can help you find the perfect beachfront homes in his listings of beachfront homes for sale Long Island Bahamas.

Glenn Ferguson has over 25 years of experience in Bahamian Real Estate and is highly regarded for his attention to detail, knowledge of Long Island, and exemplary customer service.

Glenn will help guide you through the entire process of buying or selling homes in Long Island, Bahamas. He understands the island, its people, its rules and regulations, and the best ways to make your transition smooth.

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Long Island is a spectacular island; sandy beaches, crystal clear blue water, and warm breezes that help you escape from the hustle and bustle of life. With fewer crowds and a much more relaxed pace, this sizeable yet unspoiled island is perfect for those seeking a low-key lifestyle.

Check out our beachfront homes for sale Long Island Bahamas and let Glenn help you make that move and explore the possibility of permanent residency in The Bahamas. 

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