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The Islands of The Bahamas

Why buy a home in the Bahamas? The short answer would be its wonderful climate, stable government, proximity to the United States and Canada and low taxes but I feel this video best answers the questions for you and why you would likely be asking "How can I buy a home in The Bahamas?"

With The Bahamas being blessed with so much natural beauty, it is only natural that we want to welcome people to come and experience firsthand our various islands.  


The Bahamas for tourists is one of the prettiest places you will ever get to see there's no place closer that takes you further away from it all it takes you further back in time that’s totally different from anywhere else, around every new corner you run into something you've never seen before.


The experiences are truly unique! 


The Choice & Diversity of The Bahamas


Most people don't know that there's more than 700 islands in the Bahamas, many of just little cays and islands that are not even inhabited.  No matter how old you are or how young you are there's something for everyone.  


This is an island nation with huge amount of diversity.


The size of the Bahamas compared to other archipelago in the world. The Bahamas is very very expansive thousand miles from tip to tip, 700 islands.


The Bahamas is this little jewel that is just an incredible place, the people the cultural the feel of it.


I call it a peaceful country, I call it a friendly country and a very comfortable place to live your life.


We are very proud of our uniqueness while at the same time we just love to share our culture with our visitors.  


We emerge as a people that have found our own way in our own identity. 


The food we eat, the music that we create, the way we dance,  he way we have our festivals in the street.


You can define the Bahamas through the rhythm of Africa and the melody of Europe.



The Exumas Bahamas


As a visitor coming to the Bahamas what you have to realize is that you're coming to a place with more than one destination within a destination,  you have city,  you have rural and each Island in the Bahamas has an individual vibe and feeling.


So, whether it's the bustle of a city life with our mega resort on Nassau and Paradise Island or tranquil lodges on our family island,  where if people who enjoy boating diving birding ecotourism, they would find something to do. So many reasons to come and visit


There are a lot of different destinations within the Bahamas, in our archipelago it's about seven or eight hundred miles from the Northwest to the southeast and about 200 miles wide. 


The Bahamas geographical area from Abaco in the north to Inagua in the South is the same as the Lesser Antilles, one hundred thousand square miles that's just waiting to be explored.  


All of these islands are beautiful, tranquil but this is always something you need.  


700 islands, 700 different experiences. 


The Unspoiled Out Islands of The Bahamas


The out islands of the Bahamas comprise 84% of the landmass of the country and we are 100% unspoiled.


We like to say in the other islands that this is the real Bahamas, where the experience is not manufactured, where it's authentic, where you experience the true culture of The Bahamas.  


But we have to approach it in a sustainable way.  What people are coming for today, we want them to see the same thing a hundred years from now.


The Bahamas is unique in the sense that we have so many beaches and

such beautiful shallow water compared to the other islands in the Caribbean and you can go from one island to another very easily.  


You can pop from cay to cay and every cay that you go to there's a wonderful different experience.


So when you go to The Exuma’s you see this turquoise water of the sea and then you go to other areas and you've got beautiful Bay's for snorkeling and scuba diving and it's close and it's safe.  You take a sea plane or a helicopter or boat and you pull up on what essentially is a deserted island.


Even in high season that there is no such thing as a crowded beach.


You're gonna find a piece of tranquility all to yourself, white sand underfoot and just the quietness of the ocean, it's it's a magical place.


We have several types of accommodations, you have that mom and pop type places, you have the hotel motel, you have the fully serviced resorts and then you have some luxury hotels.  So you can get just about any kind of living quarters that you want in the Out Islands.


Pink Sands is by birth authentic and hospitality the original owner purchased the land in the mid 1940s, hand-built cottages and some of the cottages that were built still remain here on the property.


There's four things that our hotel guests come here year-over-year for, one the island lifestyle the friendliness, second of course the beach right behind me is breathtaking, it's why we have on any given month a photo shoot, a commercial,  setting for a wedding.


Another surprise to many is the food is so good here and then finally I think the accommodations that are here on Harbour Island are by far the best in Bahamas.


People come to the Bahamas and they have a dream about being here or making it part of their life and the good life Bahamas is there to help them do that for me given that we are in one of the most beautiful places in the world, we have to honor that and how we build and how our houses interact with their environment. 


To build well here a house has to flow from the inside to the outside using the light and the wind and the Sun in ways that maybe in new world people have forgotten, there are so many places in the world to have a house but to truly have a second home it’s impossible to beat the Bahamas.




The Bahamas has Clearest Water in The World


In the Bahamas were lucky to have some of the most beautiful waters in the world, you know astronaut Scott Kelly when he was doing his year in space, he would take photographs of The Bahamas because he said it was just the most brilliant blue it was just the most incredible sight that he could see from space it's like a diamond sparkling when you fly over it, it’s really cool.


Our waters stand out like no other waters in the world if you like blues if you like greens and every color in between I dare you to come to the Bahamas.


There’s pretty places in the Caribbean but not on such a large scale as here in the Bahamas.  There's a lot to do on the land but the biggest part of the Bahamas is the ocean.


I feel very fortunate to be able to take people from all over the world out into this amazing water.  The Atlantic Ocean is really deep and we're living on the top of a mountain range so we have a lot of shallow water and it because of that shallow water we have a bunch of nutrients that come in off the big oceans and that's why we have such a prolific marine life here.


The Bahamas has been on the map for diving locations for for many years, people come from all over the world to dive with the sharks to see that the movie sites underwater, we have dramatic rules, we have amazing reef systems here the Bahamas basic covers at all.


I've been a captain for over 15 years now in the industry, I’ve done most of the places all around the world Mediterranean Scandinavia Caribbean nothing compares water wise and how easy it is to tour here in the Bahamas.


Boat For a Day is a company that myself and two other yacht captains in the trade came up with about three years ago it's a very simple booking platform to make it very easy for somebody to book a yacht or online everybody thinks that these yacht charters are only for a week long or two weeks whereas we take the exact same boats and supply them for a day trip or an overnight or two or three days we have a huge array of yachts stretching from your small boats all the way up to your mega yacht so there's a boat for everybody.


The friendliest People


You know people often ask what is it that sets the Bahamas apart, without a shadow of a doubt it is its people.  


We love to have a good time,  we love to dance,  we love to shake.  


Unique traditions that we have made uniquely Bahamian.  


No matter where you go just so welcoming.


The food, the way we speak, the people, the turquoise blue waters, the white sandy beaches.  I love my country, we may be small but we are a great little nation.


Its Simply Better in The Bahamas


On behalf of the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, it gives me great pleasure to invite everyone to the Bahamas, the place where there's something for everyone to do. So come on we'd like to welcome you in person and show you firsthand why again we say it's better in The Bahamas!


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